International travel is just around the corner for us Aussies… where’s your first destination calling you from? If you’re still indecisive, we’ll be sharing our favourite locations to explore using our updated currency additions to our Pelikin Visa Travel Card ?. Here are our top 5 exciting things to do in Japan! ???

Japan Food Tours

If you’re an ultimate foodie, this one is for you! Immerse yourself in the culinary sights and experiences with the many food tours Japan has to offer. Introduce your tastebuds ? with popular Japan specialities and delicacies from $115 for several hours. Avoid the expensive restaurants and go straight to the delicious street vendors and local favourites ?. Want to get more involved? You can also try out cooking classes! ?‍?

Shibuya Crossing

Recognised as one of Tokyo’s most popular tourist landmarks, Shibuya crossing ? is known as the world’s busiest crossing- half a million people daily!- with people crossing from everyone direction, allowing for some of the coolest pictures ? ever! Prepare to awe your Instagram followers with this one! Enjoy shopping malls, dining and the overall nightlife with bars and clubs!

Teamlab Borderless

Immerse yourself in a digitally interactive museum where artworks, colours and lights move from one room to another in front of your eyes ?. Explore this interactive space at your own time, on your own path and visit constantly changing rooms from gushing digital waterfalls to neon lights to a forest of flowers, and watch the artwork change as you interact with it ?. Available to visit for under $40 AUD.

Go Kart Tour

If you’re a major Mario Kart fan (who isn’t?) this next one is an experience you DO NOT want to miss! Drive through the busy city streets ?of Japan- Mario Kart style! Rent a car ?️ for up to 5 hours or explore with a group tour. All you’ll need for this crazy experience is an international driving license permit, which are easily sourced and $57 AUD.


If you’re looking for a mixture of fun and historic sights, Harajuku, located in Western Tokyo, is the place for you. Explore picturesque sights with Asian art and a Japanese Garden, before venturing into local, trendy fashion shops ?️ and boutiques that line the streets ?.

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