Get 10% Discount & $25 Extra Credit When Getting a TravelSim With Pelikin

What’s worse than returning from your trip to a never ending phone bill? Or arriving overseas and having to hunt down a wifi spot as soon as you’re out the airport? That’s why Pelikin are helping you avoid those nasty phone bills and preparing you for your overseas adventure with 10% off a TravelSim that will fit in any smartphone AND $25 extra credit to get you started!


TravelSim will be sure to get you set up for your overseas adventure and let you roam like a pro wherever you are in the world. With advanced courage in over 180 countries this travel sim will keep you connected and contactable. 

TravelSim is trusted by over 100,000 travellers. Travelsim is easy to use and designed to reduce the costs of using your mobile phone while overseas, meaning it will keep you stress-free during your travels. Plus, when travelling in certain zones you will never have to pay to receive a call. 

Sign up to TravelSim and they will provide you with a new Australian number and SIM card that will fit in any smartphone. 

Check them out for yourself on their Website or on their socials; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

How Do I Get It?

To get your hands on this exclusive offer all you need to do is download our App, sign up to Pelikin and head to our ‘More’ menu where you will receive a link with the 10% off and $25 extra credit offer! 

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