$10 Off Your First Ride With Ola

What’s worse… Lugging your backpack around the smelly local bus or paying a small fortune to be ripped off with a private cab who doesn’t understand where you need to be? No one remembers to budget for in-between flight travel and taking it out the beer fund SUCKS! 

Dodge the massive taxi fees and speed past the public transport with $10 off your first Ola ride thanks to this awesome Pelikin Squad Perk. 

About Ola

Hello in Portuguese, Ola is an awesome app that connects you to loads of local Ola cabs that will pick you up and drop you off to wherever you need to be. Share the ride with other backpackers on the same route or drive solo. Either way, save your pennies and cut the confusion of local transportation by downloading their app here or check out their social feeds Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  

Pelikin Squad

Not part of the Squadron yet? Too easy, just download our app on Apple or Android today and get all the benefits of Pelikin, including their perks… 

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