48 Hours In Dublin

Fancy tasting the luck of the Irish? We have plenty of the Irish over our ends but have you experienced theirs? Dublin, the capital of Ireland and the largest city in Ireland is an interesting experience like no other and one you won’t want to miss out on. Famous for the friendly locals, cultural heritage, quaint castles, cosy bars, pubs, pints and plenty of whisky, Ireland will be sure to leave you feeling enriched (and not to forget, giving you the hangover from hell.) 48 hours in Dublin may not sound much, but it enough to see all the sights. Read on to find out about the main spots to see during your 2 day trip.

Guinness Storehouse

You can’t go to Dublin and not get yourself one of their prized pints. The Guinness Storehouse gives you the low-down of all the great work that goes into crafting this beautiful Bev, with the building even being shaped like a pint of Guinness. From the ingredient, process, and even teaching you how to pour the perfect Guinness pint. You will be treated at the top when the tour is over by getting your own free pint alongside side picturesque views overlooking the city.

Plus, there is no guilt for the amount of Guinness you get down you, because this pint is filled with the all important Iron that is needed for your body…BONUS?

Grafton Street

Grafton street is the place to be if you need to pick up any shopping essentials. It is also known for its brilliant buskers. Wander up to Dublin’s famed brown Thomas department store before continuing up the street to St Stephen’s Green of where you can see the swans swimming around the park pond.

Whisky Factory

It’s no secret the Irish love themselves some alcohol. Especially when it comes down to whisky. In fact, they even add it to their coffee. The two top whiskey distillery are The Old Jameson Distillery and the Irish Whiskey Museum.

Both places provide an interactive guided tour through the history of Irish Whiskey, including the production, process and how you should sip the beloved beverage. You will be allowed to taste some of the whisky and even purchase some yourself if you’re feeling generous enough to bring back presents.

Temple Bar

Party like the Irish at the all famous Temple Bar. This bar may be ancient but during the evening you’ll struggle to find a more lively event. The place is packed with DJ’s, drinks and Irish dancing. It is located in the heart of the cities nightlife, and you’ll find the fun mixture of tourists and locals hitting the historic pub.

If Temple bar is looking too busy for you, then there are plenty other favourites to pick from, including; Ruby Sessions, O’Donoghues and Peruke & Periwig.

The Church

This Church is one of the coolest bar experiences you’ll witness. The Church bar is a renovated old church that they have reformed into a bar. With a gothic feel, this Irish bar/ restaurant is a beautiful place to visit for a quick drink or snack (and looks great on an insta picture too).

Eating Out In Dublin

If you want the most authentic experience then head to one of the local pubs for the popular Irish cruises. This includes any dish that includes potato! The most popular dish Irish dish is stew, with their main classic ‘the Irish stew and oysters’. You’ll be able to find this food as most pubs located around the city, some popular ones include; The Brazens Head, O’Neills Pub & Kitchen and L. Mulligan Grocer.

For all the veggo’s out there, Cornucopia is Dublin’s number 1 locations. Pick and mix between hot and cold food, including their take on the Irish traditional favourites such as stew, pies, curries and a large salad selection.

If you’re looking for some more up-market fine dinning then the most popular joints are Winding Star, Elephant and Castle  and Chapter One.

Dublin is also filled with many delicious deli cafes, so for a mid day lunch location, then look out for Kaph, The Woolen Mills, Java Republic and Keoghs.

Other sightseeing spots in 48 Hours

Other sightseeing spots that you can squeeze in your 48 hours in Dublin would include The Spire of Dublin, Haunted History Walking Tour, St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin Castle, Ha’penny Bridge, Christ Church Cathedral, Phoenix Park, Trinity College Library, Dublin Zoo, Dublin Flea Market and  National Botanic Garden

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