48 Hours In Surfers Paradise

It may take a while before overseas travel becomes safe and accessible again, so in the meantime, why not do a domestic destination? No, it may not be the same as visiting the Netherlands, bar crawling around Europe, skiing in NZ, but Australia still have heaps of places to explore and activities to get into. The Goldcoast is one of the most popular tourist spots for internal travel, and there is no surprise to why! Here is Pelikin’s must-do’s for spending 48 hours in Surfers Paradise.

Must-Do’s In Surfers Paradise

48 hours in one city is a tight squeeze to fit in all the activity they have to offer, you may not be able to fit in all our recommendations. But instead, just pick the ones that suit you, so your experience in Surfers Paradise is the best it can be.

SkyPoint Observation Deck

View the whole of Surfers Paradise at great heights up at the SkyPoint observation deck! This one is not for the faint-hearted, being 230 meters off the ground and giving you 360 degree views over the whole of the city, the SkyPoint provides views like no other. Enjoy a drink or some snacks from the cafe at the top while watching the people below wonder around the streets like tiny ants. See the sea from as far as your eyes can see and realise how truely big the big blue is! Spend a couple of hours during the day or hit the SkyPoint at night while observing the sunset from the best views in the city. It only costs you $27 and is a must-do when spending 48 hours in Surfers Paradise.

Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast

If you’ve ever seen the Inbetweeners Movie 2 then you know Wet’n’Wild is a top-spot for your Gold Coast adventure. It doesn’t matter what age you are, this place provides heaps of fun for everyone. Slip, slide race down all the water rapids with your friends and family on all the water rides the park has to offer. Have a bite to eat at the cafes, a sip to drink to reenergise for all the rest of the slides. The best and biggest slides you must try are the Tornado, Surfrider, Mammoth Falls and the Black Hole. If you’re looking for some fun then this is the place to be. You can book this tour at most spots along the main streets in Surfers and they usually provide transport in case you haven’t brought your car. You will need a whole day spent at Wet’n’Wild so make sure you consider that when you only have 48 hours in Surfers Paradise.


If you prefer dryer rides, then why not take a trip to Australia’s biggest theme park during your 48 hours in Surfers Paradise? Once again, it doesn’t matter your age when at Dreamworld as you will have heaps of fun on these rapid rollercoaster. For some of the most spine-tingling, heart pumping scream rides in the Country, then take a go on the Buzzsaw, Hot Wheels Sidewinder, The Giant Drop and Pandamonium. This place is a thrill-seekers dream and you can spend all your day getting flipped and thrown around. Once again you can pick up some tickets from a near-by booth and enjoy your day with some scary experiences. (Maybe you might even want to pick up our ‘Thrill-seeker Adventure Pack’ insurance package just incase- find out here).

Hit The Beach At Surfers Paradise

Hit the Beach! Surfers Paradise beach is said to be voted as number 2 in the world. With the sand so flat it makes it perfect for runners, joggers, surfers and a lovely walk for your evening stroll. You could even do a Surf Lesson? I mean you are in Surfers Paradise. Go Ride A Wave is a recommended place to hit the board. At night you can visit the Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets which is the perfect place to pick up some snacks or some souvenirs from your trip.

Nightlife In Surfers Paradise

Get ready for the night of your life in Surfers Paradise top clubs and pubs. There are so many nightclubs that you must visit when spending 48 hours in Surfers Paradise you we recommend you hit a bar crawl to you get taken to all the best, with free access and free shots on arrival. If you want to take on the club yourself then here are the best ones to head to;

Sin CityRetro’sThe AvenueCocktails, House of Brews, Steampunk , The Bedroom, and Elsewhere.

Travelling With Pelikin

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