48 Hours In Venice 

Famous for being one of the most romantic cities in the world, Venice is located in the Veneto region of Italy. It is one of the most unique places in the world as it has no roads, but rather the Grand Canal that runs through the city, meaning the main way of transportation is by boat. This wondrous place is known to being pretty pricey so 48 hours in Venice is perfect time to enjoy all the main sights and foods without putting you too much out of pocket. Here is our must-do’s for your 2 day Venice get-away. Including seeing as the stunning sights and try all the tasty Italian cuisine…

Must-do’s in Venice 

Gondola ride

Unsurprisingly, a gondola ride is definitely not cheap, but it’s great for getting that real Venice authentic experience. Especially if you are on a romantic trip with your partner. The ride is looking to cost you around 80 euro’s for 40 minutes which is around $144 AUD. For that you will get your own boat that can fit up to 6 people with a driver. You will get a personal drive around the city of where you can see all your wonderful sights and also that classic insta shot.

Alternatively , if you want a cheaper way to cruise through Venice then you can hop of a water taxi. For a 48 hour trip you will be able to get a 2- day pass which will allow you to use the taxi as much as you wish.

St Marks Basilica

Visit the city’s most famous Church, St Marks Basilica. This popular square gets extremely busy especially with a swarm of birds that live around the area. At night there is a four-piece orchestras who take turns playing incredibly live music so you will really get a true Italian feel.

Rialto Bridge

The Rialto bridge is the oldest of the 4 main bridges spanning the Grand Canal in Venice. The bridge connects San Marco and San Polo. Since it was first built it has had to be rebuild several times. Whether you’re walking over it or boating through it, you won’t miss it when in Venice, as long with the hundreds of other tourists trying to get that picture perfect shot.

Other Sights

Venice is beaut for walking or boating around, having no roads and only water, makes it feel as if you are in another-world. When taking a gondola ride, a water taxi or even just walking around the wonderful city for 48 hours, you will see all the main sights. These include historic places such as the Palazzo GrassiGiardini Public GardensScuola Grande di San RoccoBasilica of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari and of course, the Grand Canal.

Food In Venice

Be prepared to return from Italy at least 3 stone heavier, even if only spending as little as 48 hours in Venice. From pastries, pizza, pasta, gelato and Italian wine, your carb intake will be higher than ever. Eating as much food as possible is all part of the Italian experience, so if you’re watching your weight then you need to go elsewhere. The iconic Italian meals that must be tried include;


Pizza is obviously number 1 on the list and no one else does it quite like the Italians. Unlike American pizza, Italian creates their pizza with paper-thin crust and plenty of toppings. Whether your a parma ham lover or prefer a more pesto- veggo type, you will find every topper and flavour while wondering around Venice.

If you’re trying to save sone travel cash then most cafe’s smaller stalls offer a Pizza a pezzo / al taglio which means you can just buy a lice of the sensational snack. Otherwise, you will find smaller restaurants also offering Pizza al Volo which means you can take the pizza away to eat at your hostel/ airbnb / hotel, if you are on a budgeto.

The best pizza restaurants to try are Pizza 2000, Antico Forno and Ciphered Ciap Pizza.


Pasta is the second most loved Italian dish. From Gnocchi, Penne, Linguine, Spaghetti, Macaroni, Cannelloni, Tagliatelle and all the other hundreds of ‘elli’ and millions of pasta shapes and sizes, you will be spoilt for choice. The most popular pasta dishes is carbonara and spaghetti bolognese which you can find world famous ones from the restaurants Spaghetteria 6342 and Da Carletto.


If you’re fancying something slightly smaller, then try some of Italy’s famous antipasti boards. These are perfect for a small lunch or snack. You can also get some great Cichetti, which is Venetian Tapas. These small dishes are cheap and good when you’re on the go.


With Venice being located next to the sea, they have many delicious seafood restaurants. With the freshest fish you’ll every taste and the largest selection of oysters, shrimps, mussels, caviar and calamari, Venice is every seafood lovers dream.


You can’t end a meal without devouring something sweet, like a delicious desert. Especially when you are in the home of the gelato! You won’t struggle to find some fantastic gelato stores and cafe’s all around Venice and it is great when heading to Italy in the heat of the summer to cool yourself down. Pelikin’s favourite spots for the sweet snack include Gelateria Nico and Venchi with the best chocolate creamy goodness coming from Suso Gelatoteca.

Food Tours

Food Tours are perfect if you are a big foodie and want to try all the dishes but can’t quite feast them all within 48 hours of being in Venice. The best food tours to try out are Viator and Walks of Italy. Walks of Italy takes you out in one of the famous Venice Gondola while stopping off at all the tasting restaurants on the way.

On A Budget?

If you aren’t wanting to spend too much but want to try some food that is equally as delicious then visit Osteria alla Staffa , Pasticeria Puppa and Jazz Club Novecento 900 are the places to visit. Still get the great authentic food but at a cheaper rate.

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