5 Days In Shark Bay. 5 Experiences For 5 Days. 

Hey WA, looking for an adventure away? Why not head to the stunning Shark Bay? We know it can be stressful planning a long weekend or week away. Which is why we’re happy to help you out by making you a FREE personalised travel itinerary. All you have to do is contact Fiona at fionad@pelikinmoney.com, tell her where you are going and how long you want to go for, and Fiona will sort it out for you for FREE.

To give you an idea of what this may look like. We are here to tell you about how to spend 5 days in Shark Bay. Including an experience a day to make sure you have a fulfilling trip away.

Shark Bay

Shark Bay. The home of stunning sunsets and unique scenery. Don’t be put off by the name. Although there are many species of shark in the area (27 species to be exact), it is said to be no more dangerous than the rest of Australia. Plus the most common shark spot is the Nervous Shark, a small shark that gets its name due to its timid nature.

Day 1 : Stand Up Paddle-boarding

It isn’t an easy trip to Shark Bay (well, depends where you are coming from obviously). But you’re on holiday, so there is no point doing anything too strenuous. Stand up paddle-boarding is a great way to see the sunset disappear behind the sea. Whether you’re confident enough to stand and paddle or prefer the comfort of sitting down, it’s a lovely way to start your holiday.

Day 2 : Francios Peron National Park

A 4wd tour to take you to the amazing Francois Peron National Park. This tour will allow you ti immerse yourself in nature as you feel the energy of this world class park. You’ll witness the red sand of the desert contrast with the beautiful crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean. You’ll be taken to visit lookouts such as Skipjack Point and Point Peron where the Eastern Bay meets the Western Bay. And ending the tour with a relaxing dip in the natural Hot Springs at the Peron Homestead. You’ll be on the lookout for sea life, as well as the incredible Thorny Devil lizard, the elusive Echidna, Kangaroos, Snakes and other rare and endangered wildlife.

Day 3 : Didigaroo Doo Dreaming

Meditate to the traditional Australian instrument in the unique Australian outback. Sit around the campfire as you learn all about local Aboriginal culture and history. This great family tour is fun, educational and unique. You’ll be able to learn and play the didgeridoo doo for yourself. As well as cook some interesting bush tucker and seafood on the open campfire.

Day 4 : Hamelin Pool Stromatolites 

Take a 4wd tour to the beautiful South Peron area. You’ll be able to visit incredible locations such as the world famous Stromatolites at Hamelin Pool. Plus, you’ll be able to explore the breathtaking natural landscapes including Eagle Bluff and Shell Beach. You’ll be educated on the history of Shark Bay and why it is classed as a world heritage site. As well as driving down remote bush tracks and witnessing the lookout spots above the ocean to spot the turtles, sharks, stingrays and other amazing marine life. Snorkelling and swimming is also included as well as birdwatching and animal tracking. A wholesome nature experience for everyone.

Day 5 : Kayak Wildlife Adventure

Explore all the wonders of the Australian waters in a fun and exciting way. Kayak through the sheltered crystal clear bay with your family and friends on the double kayaks, meaning paddling will be super easy and stable. Look out for the beautiful creatures that inhabit the waters.

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