A Day In The ACT

Looking to take a trip to the Countries Capital? Some lucky Aussies will have had that opportunity at a school excursion, or maybe you live close to the state so you’ve had the chance to sneak in. But for many Aussies, they have visited many overseas Capitals but not even their own! It may not be full of adventure, but it’s always worth a trip. You might even spot ScMo while you’re exploring. We’re here to tell you what there is actually to do in a day in the ACT!

Australia’s biggest inland city, Canberra is home of the Parliament House, popular uni choice, national galleries, national museum, federal court, war memorials and some pretty lovely bush walks. It’s classed as one of the coolest cities in Aus – and we’re not just talking about the temperate. 

Walking Tour In The ACT

A walking tour is a great way to see all of the main focus points of Canberra, you’ll hear all about the history and get shown the best spots in the state. Walk down the war memorial, take a peek in the Parliament house and have the option to head into the national museums. There are a couple of great walking tours that you can take part in, in Pelikin Experiences in your Pelikin App. 

Gin, Wine and Brewery Tours

Canberra or CanBEERa? You never go dry with the amount of beer, wine and gin tours in Australia, and Canberra is no different. If you’re feeling a little thirsty then we have some epic alcohol tasting tours in your Pelikin App. Whether you’re looking for a half day tour or you want the full day experience, Dave’s Travel Group have 3 different tours that you can take part in in Canberra. 

Including the ‘Triple Capital Treat’ which includes a half a day winery, brewery and distillery tour. The ‘Vin and Gin’ tour, which will take you on a full day experience of wine and gin tasting. Or the ‘CanBEERa Explorer’ of where you get to taste all Canberra’s award winning beers with a pub lunch included. Yum!

Telstra Tower, Black Mountain or Mount Ainslie

Watching the stunning sunset over the many mountains that surround Canberra is a must-do and there are a few options on which spot to choose. The Telstra Tower on top of Black Mountain is the tallest point in Canberra. 195.2 meters up in the sky you’ll be able to see the incredible panoramic views from the top. 

The Black Mountain is a nature reserve and there are many bush trials you can take to reach the tower itself (or you can take the car if you don’t want to walk back in the wilderness in the dark- recommended.)

If you don’t want to head out as far as the Telstra Tower then Mount Ainslie look out is also a lovely spot to see the sunset. This popular place is a free outdoor space that also gives you great views of the Capital City and is a perfect way to end your day in the ACT. 

Nature Walks and Lake Burley Griffin 

They’re loads of lovely nature walks that you can get involved in around Canberra. Including; One Tree Hill Lookout, Murrumbidgee Discovery Track, Booroomba Rocks, Molonglo Gorge to Blue Tiles Trail, Himalayan Cedar Trail at National Arboretum, Mount Painter Summit Walk, Mount Taylor and Gibraltar Peak.

The most popular ACT walk would be Lake Burley Griffin. The walk is around 5k around the gleaming Lake that is central of Canberra. With coffee stops on the way you will see some of the most popular buildings as you walk from the Commonwealth Bridge to the Kings Avenue Bridge.

Go Local With Pelikin Experiences

Why not explore our Countries Capital when the boarders are back open and take a day trip to the ACT? You’ll be able to find all the tours mentioned above plus over 4000 more across the whole of Australia in Pelikin Experiences in your Pelikin App today.

If the ACT is too far away for you, and you want to find an epic experience near you, then follow our #GoLocal campaign on our Facebook and Instagram. We have been highlighting all the amazing adventures you can get involved in around Australia.

Check them out now here; Pacific Whale Eco AdventuresTamar Valley Wine Tours, Under Down Under, Cairns Canyoning and Ocean Free and Ocean Freedom. Or if you’re looking to start your own all around Australian adventure, then Fiona has written up her (COVID safe) camper van trip’s top tips in her #GoLocal Road Trip pt.1 2 weeks in Cairns, and #GoLocal Road Trip pt.2 Cairns to Darwin.


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