Adrenaline Rush Adventures In Aus

Are you an adrenaline rush manic who’s looking for their next heart pumping fix? Wanting to test your limits? Or challenge yourself this year? Well Pelikin is here to help you find the most exciting excursions that you can get involved in around Australia!

Skydive Australia

A skydive is on everyone’s bucket list and there is no better place to experience the once-in-a-lifetime experience like Australia. From so many places to pick from in every state in Aus, you won’t struggle to find the skydive to suit you. 

Whether you’re looking for a beach landing, that stunning scenery to look out as you fall from the sky, or are just looking for one close to you, we have so many spots to pick from if you book this unbelieveable experience through your Pelikin App in Pelikin Experiences. We recently wrote a blog on the best spots to Skydive in Aus with which you can read here

Scuba Diving 

So for those scuba diving experts, you may not say this is an extreme sport, but for those who aren’t super secure in the water will defo find this a challenge! It isn’t natural to breath underwater but when you get the hang of it you’ll feel a rush like no other. See all the stunning sea life Aus has to offer and book yourself onto an epic Scuba tour in your Pelikin App. We have heaps of tours to pick from. Many of the awesome adventures are based in Australia’s iconic Great Barrier Reef, which isn’t a surprise really! Check the list out below to compare for yourselves, or better yet we do have a whole blog based on this epic experience that you can read about here.

Deep Sea Divers Den , Cairns Premier Reef & Island Tours , Cairns Dive Centre , Coral Sea Dreaming , Down Under Cruise & Dive , Great Adventures , Quicksilver Cruises , Reef Magic Cruises , Tusa Dive.


Bit of a water baby and looking for some epic fast flowing water rapids to get involved in? Well why not try Canyoning? With Cairns Canyoning you can jump into the rapid waters of the stunning Canyons and Cascades. Zip line, canyon, swim, rockslide, abseil or river board depending on your preference, previous experience and strength! Book a 2 hour excursion or 8 hour adrenaline rush adventure in Pelikin Experiences in your Pelikin App now.

White Water Rafting 

More epic adventures for our water lovers? Absolutely! White Water Rafting is perfect for a group activity. Whether you and your pals are looking for a birthday celebration, or all of you are wanting that addictive adrenaline rush, then this is the one for you. You can book in by yourselves too, it doesn’t have to be a group get together, but you will be in the tube with a few randoms, which is always a good way to make like-minded mates.

Raging Thunder is an epic water rafting organisation that you can book on in Pelikin Experiences in your Pelikin App. Mainly based in Cairns and the surrounding areas, you pick from different cascades. Including, Crystal Cascades , Tully and the Barron River.

Jet Pack 

Walk, fly, soar through the sky (all on water)! Jet Packing is the new craze and there is no company better to book through than Jetpack Perth. Wear an awesome pack on your back that projects water beneath your feet as you fly feet meters above the sea. This epic experience will bring a thrill like no other. You can pick either a JetPack, hover-boarding, a fly-board or a je-tbike all in your Pelikin App under Pelikin Experiences.

Swim with Whales 

Now this is a rare opportunity. A true once-in-a-life time experience, one you’ll never forget and images you’ll treasure forever. Why not get up close and personal with the gentle giants of the sea and swim with the stunning humpback whales? Pacific Whale Foundation Australia offer this incredible tour. Not only do they take you out on a boat to see the breaching humpback babies but you’ll even get to swim with them. We spoke to the Whale expert Andrew Ellis about this unbelievable experience. You’ll be able to watch that here. Or even better, head into your Pelikin App and book it under Pelikin Experiences now to secure your spot.

Theme Park 

Release that inner child and scream to your heart’s content as you get flipped, thrown and dropped on the good-old theme park roller coaster rides. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you’ll always have the time of your life at a theme park. 

If your ready to embrace the biggest roller coaster in the East Coast then book onto a HotelBeds Australia theme park excursion in your Pelikin App. Taking you to the amazing DreamWorld, you know it will be a dream come true for sure. 


See the city of Sydney from extraordinary heights and feel the wobbly-leg syndrome on this epic Bridge Climb adventure. Yeah you may have walked the bridge from below but walking from above is an experience on another level (literally). Whether you’re a height lover or height hater, challenge your fears and fitness on this epic excursion. Plus you get to learn so many awesome facts about the city of Sydney and the iconic bridge. Pick from either a sunrise tour, sunset tour or just a heat of the day tour all in Pelikin Experiences in your Pelikin App now. 

Travel Australia With Pelikin Experiences

Not only will you find all the experience above in your Pelikin App, you’ll be able to discover and book over 4000 more experiences across the whole of Australia.

Make sure to follow our #GoLocal campaign on our Facebook and Instagram. Where we are highlighting all the amazing things you can get involved in within different parts of our amazing country, whether you’re looking for an activity local to you, or if your doing a domestic trip, there is so many fun things to get involved in!


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