Cairns Canyoning

Fancy yourself a daredevil? Well this one’s for you! Wash off those comfy COVID pants you’ve been wearing for weeks, it’s time to get your head and heart pumping again with Cairns Canyoning. 

For this weeks #GoLocal chat we virtually took ourselves to Cairns to chat to Bazz from Cairns Canyoning. Cairns Canyoning is an awesome adrenaline rush adventure where you can jump into the rapid waters of the stunning Canyons and Cascades. Zip line, canyon, swim, rockslide, abseil or river board depending on your preference, previous experience and strength!

Q&A With Bazz

Fiona’s chat with Bazz is full of fun insight to what you can get involved in when booking onto a Cairns Canyoning adventure. He also tells us about the terrible time they had through the Covid crisis, and how they have had to adjust to the new norm. Check it out for yourself below!

Interview with Bazz

Take a look at Cairns Canyoning awesome instagram image here or find out more on their Facebook or their website.

Go Local Campaign 

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Stay safe, stay tuned and let’s get ready to #GoLocal.