Amazing Animal Experiences In Australia 

Calling all animal lovers, there is no better place to release your inner David Attenborough than in Australia. Home of some of the scariest creepy crawlies, but also home of some unique, intelligent and incredible animals. There are some epic experiences in your Pelikin App that allows you to get up close and personal with some of mother natures creatures, and we are here to tell you which one’s to note on your bucket list!

Swim With Humpback Whales

Some people dream about seeing a whale in person, but some people go that one step further and swim with them! Yes it’s true! You can actually swim with this magnificent mammal. The Pacific Whale Foundation in Hervey Bay have been analysing how these gentle giants interact with humans when underwater with them. We spoke to the Whale expert Andrew Ellis about this unbelievable experience. You’ll be able to watch that here. Or even better, head into your Pelikin App and book it under Pelikin Experiences now to secure your spot. It’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you can’t miss out on.

If you aren’t a fan of swimming and would like to stay above the sea, there are heaps of amazing whale watching tours you can get involved in all around Australia. Early morning or mid day boat tours will take you on an incredible whale watching adventure. Watch the whales breach in and out of the water in front of your eyes. Learn all about these magnificent mammals by the experts on board as you fall in love with the incredible creature.

You can experience whale watching tours all around Australia including New South Whales, Broome and Queensland. Jump into Pelikin Experiences in your Pelikin App to book one near you.

Witness The Jumping Crocodiles

Okay so we’ve gone from the gentle giants of the sea to the scary scaley sea and creek creatures, the Crocodile. Australia is known for being home to these sharp teeth terrors, so why not go and witness them for yourself on this safe boat tour? Departing from Darwin, you’ll aboard the boat and head down the Adelaide River where you’ll watch a croc jump and catch their buffalo meat. The tour guid will teach you all about the crocodiles as you watch it feed on their feast.

So why not face your fears and see these scary creatures up close and personal? Book onto a jumping crocodile tour in Pelikin Experiences in your Pelikin app now.

Be Part Of The Penguin Parade

Penguins? In Australia? Yes, we were just as confused! Who else thought penguins would only live in Antartica? Melbourne can get pretty cold in the winter months, but we still presumed penguins would be in the snow somewhere. But its true, you can book onto a Philip Island Penguin Parade tour in your Pelikin app now.

Let the fantastic tour guides pick you up and take you over to Philip Island, where you will watch the tiny penguins scurry into their burrows as the sun begins to set. No need to go to the zoo, learn all about these cute creatures as you watch them in their natural habitat.

Cuddle a Koala in Kuranda

Australia’s iconic fluffy teddy bear love to cuddle, and if you book onto a Kuranda Nature tour in your Pelikin App, then soon, they could be cuddling you. Everyone loves Koalas, which is why it makes us so sad that they are becoming extinct. At the Kuranda Nature Reserve in Cairns they help protect the Koalas and get the funding by allowing people like yourself to take a trip and have a cuddle.

At the Kuranda Nature Reserve you’ll also be able to hand feed kangaroo’s and walk through the butterfly sanctuary, a true wholesome nature experience.

Take A Selfie With The Rottnest Island Quokka’s

Home of the cutest creature in the world. If you haven’t had a selfie with a Quokka yet then what are you waiting for? Kylie Minogue, Chris Hemsworth, Roger Federer have all got one and so should you. Rottnest island is full of awesome wildlife like seals, dolphins, and whales. White sand beaches, shallow waters and most importantly the Quokka’s! You can book a shuttle bus / boat from Perth to Rottnest island in Pelikin Experiences on your Pelikin App.

Scuba Dive In The Great Barrier Reef

Yes you can see all sorts of incredible fish in sea world, but have you swam with them? Saw the crazy colours through a mask? Got close to a turtle or swam past a starfish? There is a reason why the Great Barrier Reef is one of Australia’s most iconic world heritage sights, and why million of international tourist head to Cairns to be close to such a place.

The Great Barrier reef holds hundreds of thousands of amazing underwater animals and there are so many epic tours that will let you swim, snorkel and scuba dive in the big blue. We spoke to Taryn from Ocean’s Free and Ocean Freedom, which is an amazing Great Barrier Reef experience that you can book onto in your Pelikin App now! Check out our chat with Taryn here to find out all about this amazing adventure.

Travelling Australia With Pelikin Experiences

Why not live a little and book yourself onto a local amazing animal experiences in Australia? You’ll be able to find all the tours above plus over 4000 more across the whole of Australia under Pelikin Experiences in your Pelikin App today.

If you’re struggling to find an epic experience near you or wanting some inspiration on what to do then follow our #GoLocal campaign on our Facebook and Instagram. We have been highlighting all the amazing things you can get involved in within different parts of our amazing country.

Or check them out now here; Pacific Whale Eco AdventuresTamar Valley Wine Tours, Under Down Under and Cairns Canyoning. Plus if you’re looking to start your own Australian adventure, then Fiona’s has written up her (COVID safe) camper van trip’s top tips in her #GoLocal Road Trip pt.1 2 weeks in Cairns, and #GoLocal Road Trip pt.2 Cairns to Darwin.


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