Hate not having an upcoming adventure to ease those itchy feet? Well there is no better time to get them booked as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Travel Tuesday are approaching which means so are their price-cut promotions. 

Last year many airlines, hotels, hostels and various holiday packages generously gave 30% off their prices for the popular pre-holiday sale, so this year we are expecting the same if not bigger and better. But be careful not to get caught up in the chaos. Here are Pelikins’ 5 top tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of your money. 

1. Compare different airlines. 

Search engines favour the industry’s favourite corporate companies. However depending on your dream destination, different companies can provide the best deal for you. Jetstar is cheaper for flying to Asia, Qantas, Emerites and Etihad for Europe and not forgetting TigerAir for internal Australia. Shop around and save some dough. 

2. If you’re flexible, don’t put an exact date for your flight.

There is always something happening in different countries at different times that you may not be clued up on, such a public holidays in Prague, sporting events in Singapore or business ventures in Beijing. These events can cause expansions in flights and hotel expenses so giving yourself flexibility in particular dates, weeks or even months can save you money. 

3. Watch out for your stops.

Obviously the cheapest flights are usually those who have multiple stops and swaps. However, who really wants to waste their time waiting in airports? If you filter your flights to the cheapest then the first options always sneak in a series of stop offs, so unless you have a lot more time than money, then make sure you read and revise your options. 

4. Be tactical with your travel-on luggage.

They may give you a luxury deal but they will make up for it on the extra luggage expenses. So don’t bring the baggage! Watch the weight and just bring yourself a cabin bag, they are included in the flight cost and surely you can always wear your undies inside out? Thrifty! 

5. Flights may be cheap but the destination can be costly.

Exchange rate sucks! You may be dreaming of a destination but the living costs there can be dear. Asia is always a bonus! $5 pints, $3 meals, $10 hostels is dreamy and means you can make the most out of your holiday. But unfortunately it’s not like that everywhere. Black Friday deals may sell you your European adventure at an affordable flight, but make sure you have the pocket money for their food, accomodation and pint prices. Plus, to cut yourself the extra conversion costs, then make sure to protect yourself with a Pelikin card. Swap you AUD to the currency of your booked destination to be sure to save your hard earned cash from the banking fees and spend your pennies on what’s really important…

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