Dive Into The Ocean Free And Ocean Freedom 

This week we virtually headed to Australia’s most iconic world heritage site… the GREAT BARRIER REEF! The Great Barrier reef is the world largest Coral Reef system in the world, and one of the most popular international and domestic visitor hot spots in the whole of Australia. There are endless reasons why the Great Barrier Reef should be top of your bucket list, and Fiona’s talk with Taryn from Ocean Free and Oceans Freedom will confirm as to WHY! 

Taryn and her husband own the family run business, Ocean Free and Oceans Freedom. They are two luxury boats that take you out to explore the wonders of the reef. You will learn all about the history and how to protect this world heritage site. Plus you’ll have an included buffet lunch, long reef sailing experience and be able to get in the big blue water!

Whether you’re a certified diver, looking for an introductory diving experience or just want to search the sea through a snorkel, Oceans Free and Ocean Freedom provides it all. They only take out small groups and they adapt their experience to make it personalised to you. Their staff has heaps of knowledge all about the reef and how to protect it. They are Ocean Free’s best asset and will make you feel safe and secure as they take you out to the wonderful waters. 

Q&A With Taryn From Ocean Free

Watch our Q&A with Taryn below!

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