Do You Need Domestic Travel Insurance?

Do You Need Domestic Travel Insurance? Travelling within your own country is safe right? Everyone speaks the Aussie language so what can really go wrong? It’s not a surprise that everyone forgets about covering their butts with domestic travel insurance, but here is a little reminder on what can go wrong when travelling within your own Country, and why you need to make sure you have some insurance to cover those sticky situations. 

Why Would I Need Domestic Travel Insurance?

Australia is a big country, in fact it’s the 6th biggest country in the world. It’s also a massive tourist attraction, I mean, why would foke not want to come to one of mother nature’s most fabulous work? We are the home of some of the most incredible world heritage sites such as The Great Barrier Reef, Cape Tribulation and Uluru. We have the most beautiful beaches like Bondi, Byron Bay and Whitehaven. Not to forget our famous fluffy animals, Koalas and Kangaroos, which tourists seem to obsess over. But being a tourist hotspot also means it isn’t hard to get stuck in the hustle and bustle of busy airport departures, being a victim of robbery and cancellation fees. 

Lost / Delayed Luggage 

Count yourself lucky if you haven’t yet been a victim of lost or delayed luggage when travelling. Because it’s an unneeded, very stressful nightmare especially when you’re just looking forward to this well-needed holiday. Although it may be easier to communicate with the airport staff when in Aus than it is on an overseas adventure, it can still occur, and it’s not always the airline’s problem, it’s yours. 

Domestic travel insurance covers lost and stolen luggage whether on a flight, ferry or other form of transport.

Victim of Theft

That’s nothing like having your holiday ruined than a pesky thief sneaking into your pocket and snatching your precious possessions. It’s scary to hear, but it does happen, and you need to make sure you protect yourself when it does! Whether it’s your brand new iPhone, super expensive camera or just antique jewelry, if losing your precious possessions sends you shivers then save your fear and protect your gear with domestic travel insurance.

Cancellation Fees

We all know what it’s like to have had your world being put on pause, plans cancelled and dreams destroyed thanks to the covid-19 crisis. No one can predict what may or may not come up which can effect your travel plans. Maybe that hotel you booked in Perth has a problem and needs to close, the caravan park is flooded or the ferry need to be refuelled and won’t be operating for days. That’s where travel insurance can support these cancellation crisis even when in domestic destinations!

Is Domestic Travel Insurance Expensive?

Don’t worry if you haven’t budgeted for your domestic travel insurance, it doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact Pelikin offer domestic travel insurance at just $30! Check it out for yourself here and save yourself the stress on your next trip. 

Travelling With Pelikin

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