Fiona’s Road Trip pt.1 Two Weeks in Cairns

Hey Hey, Fiona from Pelikin here, you may have seen me on the #GoLocal Q&A’s that we have been sharing over the past few weeks. I hope you’ve all been enjoying them as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them. It’s great to be able to share some amazing experiences that you can get involved in around Aus, because not only do we all deserve some fun after this year’s fiasco, but also local tour providers need our help now more than ever! 

As part of this week’s #GoLocal campaign, I decided to share my recent Aus road trip (all COVID safe I promise)! Me and my boyfriend (both from the UK but moved over 2 years ago) have been trying to chase the sun. So we decided to pack up our things from not-so-sunny Sydney and head to North Aus for that daily 30 degree heat! 

Our POA started with flying to the tropical Northern Queensland, then taking a camper van to the notorious Northern Territory where we’ll explore Darwin, before taking a trip to the outbacks in Uluru! So here is part 1: our two weeks exploring Cairns! 

Covid Safe

Now just to make it clear we are COVID safe! We left North Sydney (Covid clear) on the 20th July to fly to Cairns. The borders were open at this point and we were checked at arrival who approved our border declaration passes. We always keep up to date on the news to make sure we aren’t doing anything illegal or more importantly, putting anyone in danger.

Pelikin Experiences 

Before taking any trip around Aus I always check Pelikin Experiences in the Pelikin App to see what exciting local adventures I can get involved in. Using Pelikin Experiences means I never miss out on all there is to do in the place I’m visiting and it’s super easy to use. 

Two Weeks In Cairns 

Ok, so we have actually been to Cairns before, so we have already experienced some of the best activities there is to do. Here are some of the top tours we have taken part in on both trips to Cairns.

Great Barrier Reef 

It goes without saying that when visiting Cairns you have to head to Australia’s most iconic world heritage site. There is many tours to pick from in your Pelikin App that will give you that ultimate GBR experience. Whether you’re daring enough to get involved in a scuba dive, searching the sea through a snorkel, or just fancying cruising down the Coral sea on a boat. 

The sea-life we saw was truly incredible and I could not recommend enough booking onto the best experience of your life.  

Waterfalls Tour

Ok, so Aus has hundreds of waterfalls, so why are the QLD ones so special? Why not book onto a waterfall tour and find out for yourself? We did and we loved every second of it, here are a couple of the waterfalls we stopped at;

Millaa Millaa Falls

Peter Andre must have worn some thermals under his swimmers because these waterfalls are ice cold. Home of the famous ‘Mysterious girl‘ music vid and Herbal Essences ad, Millaa Millaa falls is one of the most famous waterfalls in Cairns and so a visit is a must (plus you can do a fun ‘hair flick’ vid). 

Lake Eacham

This isn’t a waterfall, but a beaut lake they take you to that you can take a dip in. Swim with the many turtles but look out for the Croc that lives in Lake Eacham. Apparently it’s safe to swim as he stays away from people. I mean, usually I wouldn’t take the risk but I didn’t want to be the only one wimping out. Turns out I’m still here today so trust the locals and get in for a swim! 

You can also visit the incredible Josephine Falls, Crystal Cascades, Fairy Falls and a few more depending on the type of tour you pick!

Port Douglas

This was the first time we visited Port Douglas and I can’t believe we haven’t been before. Only 1 hour outside of Cairns, you can book a day transfer bus on Pelikin Experiences and enjoy the scenic costal walks, beach stroll and take your time exploring the town. It is a famous holiday destination for South Aus city livers so it has loads of lovely lunch spots and beautiful sunset scenes. 

Palm Cove

Palm trees and cool breeze. There is no question as to where the name comes from. Palm cove is a stunning, small and quiet beach town. There isn’t loads to do here which is why most day trip tours will take you here for an hour or so just as a little extra when on route, or on the way back from Port Douglas. Relaxed and romantic, take a wonder down the beach and through the palm trees. (Plus great for that perfect IG image). 

Kuranda National Park 

There are heaps of tours in your Pelikin App that will take you into the Kuranda National Park and include all experiences that there is to do there. From braving the heights on the sky rail cable cars, or the safety of the scenic railway, you’ll be able to see the tropical rainforest and great Barron waterfall from extraordinary heights. Plus you can also get involved in Quad bikes, Koala cuddling and take a trip through bird world!

Other top tours that I don’t have space to talk about but to definitely get involved in include; the Daintree Rainforest, Cape Tribulation, Mossman Gorge and Fitzroy Island, which once again, you can book onto in your Pelikin App. 

Fiona’s Go Local Road Trip pt.2 Cairns to Darwin 

Next, I’ll be sharing the part 2 of my #GoLocal road trip. I’ll be talking about our camper trip from Cairns to Darwin, the stops we made, sights we saw and some great tips when taking a camper trip throughout the outback!

Want to get involved in an awesome local tour near you? Watch my recent talks with local tour providers: Pacific Whale Foundation, Tamar Valley Wine Tours and Under Down Under to find out about some more activities you can book in Pelikin Experiences in your Pelikin App. If you haven’t already downloaded Pelikin, do so now on Apple or Android so that you are prepared for your road trip around Aus. Or even if you are just looking for an exciting experience near you.

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