#GoLocal With Pelikin Experiences

Obviously it’s a bit of a bummer that we can’t travel overseas right now, but it’s great to see that domestic travel is starting to open up again, both within states and between states… (and fingers crossed for the Trans-Tasman Bubble)!

Since being hidden away in our homes, our awesome team have been working as hard as ever on building the best travel app out there (the Pelikin App of course), so that we can offer you even more fantastic features, including our new Pelikin Experiences! 

Pelikin Experiences

Pelikin Experiences is the hub of thousands of international and domestic tours that you can get involved in worldwide! This means you can browse and book over 45000 domestic and international experiences within your Pelikin App. So that wherever you are in the world, you won’t miss out on all the awesome experiences that location has to offer.


Yes, we know you may not be able to get involved in international experiences just yet. Which is why we have started our awesome new #GoLocal Campaign. Since the COVID-19 crisis, local tourism providers have taken a massive hit and so we want to support our local tourism operators by shining the spotlight on local experiences that you can get involved in. We will be learning more about them, how they’ve been impacted by COVID19, and the incredible experiences they offer.

Including bungy jumping in Cairns, skydiving in Perth, a helicopter flight in Darwin, kayaking with Dolphins in Byron Bay, and thousands of more amazing once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Wherever you are, we’ll have you covered with Pelikin Experiences

Next week, we’ll be diving straight in, as Fiona chats to Andrew Ellis from Pacific Whale in Hervey Bay. Followed by Tamar Valley Wine Tours, Under Down Under, Go West Tours and so many more! We’ll also be sharing our chat with Aleta from Livn, the Sydney based legends who have helped us bring Pelikin Experiences to life!

You’ll be able to view all of our exciting interviews on our social media pages, on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. So make sure you’re staying tuned and watch out for a tour near you.

Check Them Out!

Refresh your Pelikin app now! Then head into ‘More’ and you will see ‘Pelikin Experiences’. Select the location you are visiting / are based, and you’ll be offered loads of adventures that you can get involved in. 


Haven’t downloaded Pelikin yet? Well all you need to do is download our app on either your Apple or Android device. There are so many awesome features and benefits when traveling with Pelikin. Find out more about our features here, including Squad Perks, Saving Travel Money in your Travel Fund, Split Bills Function, Group Tabs and so much more! 

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