We don’t know what all the fuss is about over having a white Christmas. We have it so good down under! Hot, sweltering Christmases spent enjoying the balmy nights outside with family and friends.

But you don’t have to stay home to reap the benefits of our upside-down seasons. We recommend crossing the pond to New Zealand to have the best of both worlds, a nice warm Christmas get away.

It’s a close commute and can be considered a home away from home. We use SkyScanner always to suss the best times to fly or if you’re a student check out Student Universe. They both give you the chance to have an overview of the entire month, highlighting the cheapest, and most expensive days to fly.

So how long’s the flight?

Aussie East-Coasters, you can have a 3 hour nap and be in New Zealand, its a super quick and easy flight across the Tasman. Perth peeps will need to strap in for the haul with flight times from the west sitting at around the 8 hour mark.

How much is this going to set me back?

If you’re leaving from the east coast of Australia to any major Kiwi city, you can score a return flight from as cheap as $400 AUD. Peak season is during summer and we’ve seen return flights as high as $1500 return… CRAZY!

Who should I trust with this adventure?

Air New Zealand, Qantas, Virgin and Jetstar all have routes between the two countries. Depending on your budget, how fancy you want to fly and times that suit you, choosing any of these will be a good option!

There’s so much to do in NZ over the Christmas and New Years period! Festivals (think Rhythm & Alps) , adventuring (think Shotover Jet), wining and dining (think Martinborough). But we’ll save that for another time. In the mean time, don’t forget to hook you and your mates up with a Pelikin card. You can swap AUD to NZD instantly in app and have a painless time spending your hard earned money over the silly season… You’re welcome.