Stick of staring at the same 4 walls now that’s Sydney’s in lockdown? Us too! Isolation sucks and cancelled travel plans are the worst. But instead of moping around in the house, we have come up with some top tips and tricks to keep you busy during the coronavirus outbreak. Including making the most out of living in Sydney and exploring our own city.

To Do In Sydney

If you’re looking to avoid over-crowded places like the Circular Quay, Bondi, Martin Place, Pubs and Clubs but still looking for that fresh air while being kept out of work, then we have a few places you can visit to avoid going bananas in your bedroom.

Bum Out At The Beach

Ok so maybe all the beaches from the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk is not going to be the best place if you’re looking to stay away from the hustle and bustle, but Sydney do have plenty of other beaut beaches that locals sometimes forget. Chinaman’s, Lady Martin’s Beach and Store Beach are some of the few that can be forgotten about when heading out to hit the waves.When chilling out in the sun you will still feel you made that travel vacation.

Coastal Walks

Why not take a scenic walk slightly out of the city? Quiet coastal walks such as the Split Bridge to Manley walk, Rose Bay to Watsons Bay and Federation Cliff walk. The different scenery will get you feeling fresh and be good for your mental health while being unable to travel.


You may be feeling unmotivated to exercise now your travel plans are off, but it’s important to get those good endorphins in tact. Heading for a walk around the Botanical Gardens or Chinese Gardens of Friendship will give you the fresh air you need while stuck under isolation. Plus it the plenty of flowers and plants will allow you to smell something other than bacterial hand sanitiser. Taking a picnic or even just wondering around the grounds will make you feel like you’re on your travels and not stuck in the city.

Places To Eat

We all know heading to the supermarket is a flop, with them only having a couple of sad looking lettuces left on the shelf. So as long as you don’t have the virus itself then why not try some new cafes and restaurants in the area? Plus this will help the local businesses. Some of our favourites include; The Grounds Of Alexandra in Alexandra, Celsius Coffee Co in Kirribilli, Reformatory Caffeine Lab in Surry Hills, Little Lord in Camperdown and Suzie Q Coffee & Record in Surry Hills.

Learn Something New

We know this outbreak won’t last forever, so why not make the most of the time at home and teach yourself something new that you can show off when it’s over? Such as learning a new language or buying a book on astronomy, an encyclopaedia or some puzzle / brain teaser books. What are the things you’ve always wondered and wanted to know about? What is that book you’ve always wanted to read?

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You can always watch some good documentaries rather than binging on braid-dead reality TV shows? David Attenborough is the man, or even watch some Travel inspiring documentaries such as Expedition HappinessMade To Be Broken or The Endless Summer which will sure to be give you that travel motivation for when the lockdown in Melbourne is lifted.

Treat Yourself During Isolation

You aren’t spending any money on travel, so why not spend it on yourself? Surely you deserved to be treated during this outbreak as you’re having to sacrifice everything else. Whether you’re treating yourself to a nice massage to relax, getting your nail or hair did, a new gadget or toy like PS4 to play with. Pelikin can help you out with some of these, we an exclusive discount on some goodies to get you through:

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