Make The Most Out Of Your Pelikin Prepaid Travel Card And Travel App 

Getting the best out of your Pelikin prepaid travel card and app!! Pelikin was created because banks travel cards are universally terrible. They’re expensive and difficult to use, their customer service is rubbish and they’re usually jam packed full of fees… instead of features.

When signing up to Pelikin, not only do you get an awesome neon Pelikin prepaid travel card, and awesome easy-to-use travel app, but there are also heaps of other benefits of travelling with Pelikin. Our intention is to make your travelling experience as smooth as possible, which is why we have created these awesome features. In fact we have so many epic features that you can lose track of what we have to offer.

Become an expert using Pelikin and make the most out of what we have to offer by reading our Product Guide blogs listed below which ensure you are getting the best out of your Pelikin prepaid travel card and app.

Pelikin Benefits

Pelikin’s benefits that differentiate us to other travel cards are:

    • No joining, monthly or loading fees
    • Spend using over 150 currencies
    • No transaction fees
    • 5 currency wallets (AUD, NZD,USD,GBP,EUR) (with more coming soon)
    • A rewarding & fun pre-travel savings account
    • Instant & free money transfers
    • Instant & free bill splitting (in any currency)
    • Group Tabs: For travellers to manage shared expenses and IOUs
    • 24/7 In-app customer support

Pelikin Features 

Read our blogs to become an expert on Pelikin’s main features:

Pelikin Extras

We expanded our offering to make sure you are 100% prepared for your travels. Check out the exclusive extras you can get when being part of Pelikin:

Travelling With Pelikin

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