We are thrilled to welcome experienced Fintech Entrepreneur, Technologist and Executive David Monty to our advisory team. David, now the founder and CEO of UK based consultancy group Affinity Hub will advise the team on all things payments, technology and market growth. 

David previously served as Founder & CEO of global payments leader Tuxedo Money Solutions, now known as Omnio Group following a merger and David’s successful exit in 2018. 

David has founded and run several innovative digital and payment businesses and has been a driving force within the FinTech industry. With a passion for new products and ideas, a strong track record for success, and a well-established presence and network, David now oversees the activities of the Affinity Hub. He sits on a number of other company boards and advises a wide range of start-ups and growing businesses, as well as continuing to be an industry thought-leader.

Key Achievements (there’s a few!!!!)

  • Co-Founded and ran Tuxedo Money Solutions, a global FinTech payments business, as both CTO and CEO, followed by a successful exit in 2018
  • Co-Founded Affinity Hub.
  • Co-Founded and ran Green Light, the UK’s first SMS and phone-based micropayment service.
  • Produced and piloted Europe’s first prepaid MasterCard contactless mobile phone solution.
  • Pioneered digital PIN delivery via SMS, Mobile App and IVR.
  • Created, operated and advised on a range of mobile-first digital banking enterprises.
  • Managed various successful capital raises.
  • David brings with him a vast network of global industry leaders in both the travel and financial space which is going to help us grow our core payments product both in
  • Australia and in new regions globally.

This will allow Pelikin to access world class product and minds to help us further broaden our value proposition.

A big welcome to David! Onwards and upwards ?


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