The cat is out the bag! Flights are coming to the Pelikin app and we are on cloud 9 about the announcement. But have you met the man behind the magic? We want to introduce you to Jerome King (also known as JK), our newest member of Team Pelikin and our Head of Flights hero!

Tell us about JK? 

I’m originally from Sydney, but now I live just south of Newcastle and the beaches are great (ssshhh). I love getting in the water, walking the rescue dog on the beach and cooking. I have always been involved in the travel industry (Airlines, retail and wholesale) and specialise in airfares and commercial contracting.

A fun fact would be that my favourite dish to cook includes my surname = Peking duck!

What does JK do at Pelikin?

My role at Pelikin is Head of Flights (HOF), and joined the company in June 2021. The best thing I have found working at Pelikin is innovation and teamwork. I’m amazed at the support they give each other and listen to each other’s ideas.

What are your thoughts on travel recovering?

I think the first segment of the market to start travelling will be the student/youth market along with VFR (visiting friends and relatives). This will involve a lot of one-way traffic both outbound and inbound (pending border caps). Bookings no doubt will be closer to departure dates, but over time advanced reservations will return once more confidence returns to the market, along with increased capacity.

Where has been your favourite travel destination? 

I’m definitely a warm weather person. Give me a beach, a beer and a palm tree and I’m a happy person. I was lucky enough to get married on a small island off Espiritu Santo with my wife, kids and a couple of friends only attending – everyone needs to get there one day (the Blue Holes and Champagne Beach are a couple of highlights).

My top tip when travelling long-haul flights, is break up your trip by having a stopover in a new destination. You’ll probably find the fare is a lot cheaper via, rather than non-stop.

Have you got any funny travel stories for us?

What happens on tour stays on tour! But here’s a tip if you’re ever broke in Dublin… do a tour to the Guiness Factory, (try and get an early tour), and when it comes to the tasting section, leave your tour group, sit at the bar for the rest of the day and drink for free!

Where are the top 3 places you’d fly to tomorrow if you could and why?

Espiritu Santo – I need to go back.

Sapporo – Go to skiing.

Hawaii – It’s in the pipeline.

Epic! Thanks Jerome for your time and for helping Pelikin fly higher than ever.

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