With the Pelikin app relaunch coming up soon… (watch this space), we have an exciting new team member to introduce! Welcoming our newest team member to the Pelikin Squad, Emma! Emma is our marketing guru and content writer which means she is the one asking herself questions today.

Tell Us About Emma

I’m originally from Sydney and moved to the Gold Coast, Queensland a few years ago! I love working out, long island iced teas, my dog Luna, going out for drinks with my girlfriends, and everything social media! (especially Tiktok).

What Does Emma Do At Pelikin?

My role at Pelikin is the Social Media and Content Creator. I mainly work on increasing engagement and ideas for social media posts across all platforms, with the help of our talented designer Jalissa! I started working with Pelikin in mid-September of this year and love the teamwork!

Favourite Travel Destination

My favourite would hands down have to be Bali! I visited with my parents in August 2019 and had the best time (except for the fact I was with my parents so I didn’t have anyone to go clubbing with lol). I just adored the people- everyone was so friendly, and they have such beautiful sights (the Rice Terraces in Ubud Kaja with the big swings was my favourite!).

First 3 Places Emma Is Visiting When Overseas Travel Opens?

Europe is the top of my list. I feel like everyone has been there except me lol. Ever since I was young I always had that fantasy of visiting the Eiffel Tower (as every 9-year-old girl does). London, Barcelona, Amsterdam and the Greek Islands are all at the top of my list! I would love to go back to New York and have more of a personal experience there! The first time I went in 2018, I was very focused on seeing all the sights (as one would), but I would love to go and experience the chill atmosphere and hidden locations! Just every-day life! Last place is obviously Bali (this time with my friends, not my parents, sorry mum and dad). I would love to visit more beautiful destinations and definitely buy much more this time around and support local businesses!