It’s time to introduce you to another one of our awesome team members! Meet Summer… 

Tell us about Summer?

Hey Pelikin! I’m 30 years old and I’m from China! I moved to Melbourne to study at Monash University and have been living here ever since. I am part of the developing team at Pelikin, and mainly do the front-end jobs. I started here as an intern in November 2019 while I was still studying. I love working at Pelikin, the whole team is so friendly and everyone comes from different locations which makes us all so interesting. I love to travel, to go hiking, and in my free time, I love to watch movies. 

Where has been your favourite travel destination? 

My favourite travel destination has to be New Zealand! I went in November 2019 and I fell in love with the Country. My favourite part of the trip was when I took part in the Milford Track, which is a 5-day hike. It was such an amazing experience. It is a 53km journey and we saw the most beautiful lakes, mountains, waterfalls, and valley views. I visited Milford South, Mt Cook, Queenstown, and Wanaka. All these places are gorgeous. 

How was 2020 for Summer?

It was hard as I was planning to go back to China and visit my parents, however, obviously that was canceled due to Covid. I haven’t seen them since 2018 and I miss them so much. But during lockdown, I kept busy by learning to cook and to bake cakes. I also spent a lot of time learning to play piano and doing puzzles so I managed to keep very busy. 

Have you been anywhere in Aus recently? 

I have been trying to visit more places in Australia so recently I have done a few trips. Including visiting the Blue Mountains which are so beautiful. I went to Canberra for a few days. I also visited the Grampians, Raymond Island, and Lakes Entrance. All are very beautiful. 

Where are the top 3 places you’d fly to tomorrow if you could?

China would be number 1. I miss my hometown, the local food, my friends, and my family. 

I would also like to visit England as my boyfriend is from there and I haven’t yet been to his hometown or met his family. And my third choice would be Spain. I want to see Gaudi’s architecture, such as La Sagrada Familia and Casa Mila. 

Wow, your NZ trip sounds so dreamy! Thanks for the chat Summer and for all your hard work here at Pelikin!

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