We’re very excited to announce that you can now purchase travel insurance straight from your Pelikin app… Yep that’s right, you can cover your butt with Pelikin!

Why have we built this beautiful travel insurance product you ask? Not only do you need an epic travel card to take with you overseas but you need to be covered because let’s face it: shit happens when you’re travelling.

From today, all Pelikin Squad members can access three options of travel insurance to suit the way they travel and of course their budget.

Here’s what’s available:

Comprehensive Cover

This one’s a beauty built for experienced travellers who want affordable and broad cover no matter where they are or what they’re doing. From unlimited cancellations, unlimited non-medical emergency expenses and higher payouts for dental, lost luggage and legal expenses our comprehensive pack has it all.

Basic Cover

Affordable & flexible. The Basic Plan is for those savvy travellers who want to travel the world enjoying peace of mind knowing their medical bills are covered along with extra basics like lost luggage and expensive tour and hotel cancellations.

Saver Cover

On a budget? Our Saver plan is built for travellers who want to stay covered without blowing the budget. Travel easy knowing your covered for all the basics like medical emergencies, dental, lost luggage and legal costs.

Check out the full benefits table here.

How we’ve done it!

We’ve partnered with insurance gurus and all around legends Travel By Us to bring Pelikin Travel Insurance to life. They are a cover holder at Lloyds and we’re only just getting started with our work with them to bring the Pelikin Squad more travel insurance products that are tailored to exactly how they travel.

You might remember our Partnership Announcement back in September.

For all those out there with a Pelikin travel card setting off on an adventure overseas be sure to jump in your Pelikin app now to check out our range of travel insurance. We’re certain you’ll find something that suits your budget and suits your travel lifestyle.

Full details about Pelikin Travel Insurance can be found here.


Don’t have a Pelikin travel card? Get one now to enjoy all the benefits of travelling with Pelikin and being a part of the Pelikin Squad.

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