Pelikin Travel Money Card Reviews

Pelikin travel money card reviews. We love our squad and we love hearing your thoughts, favourite features, suggestions, experiences and even issues that you may come across when using Pelikin’s travel app and prepaid travel card. Your reviews help us improve our foundation, after all, we have built Pelikin for you, so we love knowing what you think. 

We are really feeling all the reviews we have gotten from you lovely lot so far, so we decided to feature them on this blog. Thank you!

Travel Card Reviews

“Best Travel Money Card EVER”

“I recently used Pelikin in America and Europe and it was life-changing. It is so easy to use, loading money is super quick and the app made tracking and spending different currencies so easy. I tapped my way through Europe without having to withdraw any cash and loved being able to split dinner bills with my friends using the split bill function- so much easier than IOUs! I highly recommend a Pelikin card to anyone who wants a travel card with low fees and epic features! One happy customer here. Cheers guys” – Melbagurl 

“Best For Travelling With Friends”

“Used this card and app on my last overseas holiday and it just made life easier! I was traveling with a group of friends and the split bill function made it so much easier and stress free with no awkwardness of owing each other too much money! Will definitely use it again whenever I get to travel next!” – charliemb11

“Big Tick”

“Huge fan of the Pelikin card! it  made sorting out my funds on a overseas trip simple and easy. Would recommend to fellow travellers” – travellinghopey

“Awesome Travel App”

“It’s a very good travel app. It is very useful for traveling to multiple locations as I can swap different Countries’ currencies so quickly and easily with a great FX rate. You can also get travel insurance packages on the app which I got.” – Summer_za

“Big Fan”

“Best travel money app and prepaid travel card out there” – sbpel

“Best Travel Card Around!”

I used Pelikin on my recent 3 month trip to New Zealand. I have used many other travel cards on previous overseas trips and Pelikin has hands down been the best! The travel App is really user-friendly and jam packed with useful features. Some of my favourites were:

– The group tab feature which makes it really easy to keep track of who owes who in your travel group.

– The instant freeze/unfreeze your account feature which gives you peace of mind if you lose your travel card or it gets stolen. Double-tap to freeze/unfreeze. So much easier than making an international phone call!

– The securely access your pin code feature when you forget it, which I constantly did!

Plus heaps of other handy features!

They also give some decent deals with some cool brands/travel insurance. I didn’t make use of these but these might be useful to some people.

Can’t fault the travel card, the App or the service.

Great product! Enjoy and happy travels!” – Happypanda

“Best Thing To Happen To Aussie Travel”

“This is exactly what I’ve needed for every overseas trip! FINALLY” – Claudia Lipinski

“Best Travel App”

“App is so easy to use and has so many great features. Have had so many issues with travel cards in the past. Thanks to all involved at Pelikin for making travelling so much easier and enjoyable” – benmashryan

“How has no one done this properly yet” 

“I’ve used my Pelikin account in New Zealand, Australia, USA and Brazil! What I like about it is each pay cheque we can send some $ to our Pelikin account, out of sight and out of mind. Before you know it there’s a few grand in there ready for our next adventure! Feeliking like my $ is safe and secure while overseas is fantastic. Much more secure then a credit card. When my friends and I went travelling together the best part of us all having Pelikin was the IOU feature. Made settling up our dinners and beers easy as. Looking forward to using Pelikin outside of Beta and seeing what they have to offer further down the line.” – Jam88

“Great App”

“Great travel app. Easy to use overseas.”

“I Wouldn’t Go Travelling Without This Travel App And Prepaid Travel Card”

“I used to find it so stressful when travelling to multiple Countries and having to constantly change my money. I have tried a few travel cards and I could never tell what rate I was getting or if I was being charged for transactions because the app would be so hard to use. But then I came across Pelikin and I couldn’t rave about it more! The travel app is so easy to use. You can change currencies, store money, track your spending, send money, set up group tabs and do this all SO easily! The prepaid travel card works pretty much everywhere and what a beaut neon colour it is too. Thanks Pelikin” – clairefd96

“Great Card and App”

“Use this on all my holidays and will continue to do so! Great service, easy to use and a well run company” – css17

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