Top Features of Your Pelikin Prepaid Travel Card

There are so many benefits of travelling with Pelikin that you can lose track of all the awesome features we have to offer. One of our top features is the fact that signing up to Pelikin prepaid travel card is completely FREE! Plus we have no monthly fees, and no joining fees, meaning more travel money for your actual adventure. 

Who Can Join Pelikin?

Pelikin’s prepaid travel card is available to all Australian residents who are 18 years and over. We will be hoping to expand our accessibility to other Countries in the future so that everyone can travel with Pelikin.

Signing Up To Pelikin Travel

Signing up for a Pelikin prepaid travel card is completely FREE. To sign up for your own neon Pelikin travel card then all you need to do is download the Pelikin App on either Apple or Android

Once you have downloaded the Pelikin App, we will need to verify your identification before you can use Pelikin. This is just to make sure you are who you say you are and you’re a true Aussie (or Australian based).

Verifying Your Identity

When verifying your identification to get your prepaid travel card, we will not need any documentation, we will just need the following information:

  • First and Last Name,
  • Date of Birth,
  • Home Address,

All these details are required during the first stages of the sign-up process and usually can be verified within a matter of seconds. If for any reason you can’t be verified straight away, then we will get in contact with you straight away. Or if you are struggling with this, then you can contact us directly at

Once verification has all been accepted, you will then be sent your own very own neon prepaid Pelikin travel card, this will take maximum 2 weeks in the post to arrive to you! Exciting!

While Waiting For Your Pelikin Prepaid Travel Card

Before your travel card arrives you will have the option to load money onto your travel card to prepare for its arrival. Or you could even start loading money to get saved and stored into your Travel Fund which will help you collect, store and save all your travel money, ready for your big adventure. Find out more about your Travel Fund here.

Loading money onto your Pelikin prepaid travel card is easy, find out more about loading money onto your app and card with Pelikin here.

Travelling With Pelikin

Find out more about our features on our blog ‘ Top Features of Your Pelikin Prepaid Travel Card’. Or take a look at our homepage for some more information here.

Haven’t signed up to Pelikin yet? Too easy, just download our Pelikin app on either Apple or Android now…

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