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About Sports Where I Am

Want to get in the best ball games but unsure how to grab one of the golden tickets? We know this can be a common frustration for all Australians wanting to watch sporting events oversees, that why our dear friends ‘Sports Where I Am’ is here to save the seat!

Sports Where I Am is an online website that helps Australians purchase loads of legit different sporting tickets all over the world. From  the NBA, Soccer, Hockey to Wrestling, AFL and more. They can also set you up with the hotels, flights, and tickets! They inform you of the pre-game happening bars, the best transport to get in with the locals, the most authentic food and bevs. They can even sort out your merchandise to make sure you aren’t the odd one out. 

Check out their Website Here, or view their socials on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

We also have an epic interview with SWIAM CEO Matt Scully recently on his inspo to start up SWIAM, the best ball games he’s been to and his best selling sporting events! The blog will be shown shortly so stay tuned!

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