Staying Sane In Isolation

So we all know that the only way we can kick COVID-19 in the arse right now is by staying inside in isolation. For some people this is a dream come true, rolling out of bed and onto the work laptop, only seven steps away from the fridge, unlimited cuddles from our furry friends and Netflix on repeat. But for us avid travellers, fitness fanatics and social butterflies, it’s nothing but a living nightmare! Which is why we need to be super careful and watch not only our physical, but mental health and keep ourselves safe and staying sane in isolation.

Ideas While In Isolation

We can’t provide you any packets of pasta, send you any hand san, or transport any toilet paper to you (jeez that stuff is gold-dust). But what we can do, is keep that travel dream alive and fill you with some ideas while in isolation.

Finish That Travel Video

You’re lying if you say you didn’t set out to create an awesome travel video with the heaps of coverage you taped during your travels. How we do we know? We have all done it too! With those aspiring ambitions to be a YouTube star with your vids of surfing in Bali, bungeeing in NZ, bar crawls across Europe and snorkelling in Thailand, either that or you wanted to show it off to your future kids, fellow classmates or even look back with a tear in your eye when old and grey. Well now is your chance to dust off the GoPro, seek out that hidden SIM card and start filtering through the millions of shots, outtakes and accidental snaps to fulfil those past dreams.

If a few too many hours is making you feel nostalgic or you’re simply getting board of staring at your screen then why not dedicate an hour a day to your dream vid? Add some funky music and we promise you, you won’t it. Some of our favourite travel vid inspo are Sam Newton , Sami & Vale and Elisabeth Rioux .

Travelling Scrapbook

If it wasn’t a video you were contracting, it was definitely a scrap book with all the bits and bobs you picked up on the way. Worried about not being able to head into Officeworks and printing off your pictures? Well why not paper print then by yourself, or even use online printing options? Because, don’t forget, you can still do some online shopping, and small Aussie businesses need you the most right now. Some online printing options can give you some fab frames and styles such as Photobox and Pocketprints.

Make the pages look extra pretty by picking up some little bits and bobs from your local brands on Etsy.

Quiz Your Travelling Knowledge

Have some fun with your friends or partner, have a few beers and test your travelling knowledge. Who knows the capital of Luxembourg? Do you know how many countries begin with a C? Guess the flag? What’s next to Norway? Test each other and teach each other!

Get Travel Educated

Always been eager to travel Taiwan? Canada? South Korea? Well now is your time to get educated about the location, learn about their culture, where would you go? What do you have to wear when there? There are also a heap of helpful books that will teach you all you need to know. Search your local bookstore and see if they have an online website so you can support small businesses. Otherwise, don’t forget you can get 10% off books with Booktopia using Pelikin Squad Perks.

Other Isolation Tips

Home Workouts During Isolation

Make sure you’re looking after your physical health too. Home workouts whether big or small will still make a difference. Home workout – no equipment is an app you can download which will help you keep fit and healthy. Otherwise follow these PT for home workouts that don’t necessarily need weights or gym equipment for Natacha Oceane , SELF and BullyJuice.

Eating Healthy During Isolation

Hands up if you’re guilty of seeking through the fridge every half an hour for a snack you really don’t need to scoff on? Us too! It’s important not to over-indulge while stuck inside, because well, not only should you ration your food with the supermarkets being extra empty but eating well is not just helpful for your physical health but mental heath too. Crips, chocolate, chips will make you feel sleepy and super unproductive. So keep those green in your gut and avoid the beige. You could also check out some awesome foodie blogs such as Jessica Sepel, Stonesoup and Changing Habits.

Doing Your Bit For The Community During Isolation

As well as staying inside, washing your hands and keeping 2 meters away from others, a lot of people in the community still need your help. the elderly and sick who can’t leave their house sometimes struggle to go to the shops and supermarkets because they have no one to go for them. So why not check-in on those you love? Make sure they are eating, getting plenty of food, and if not then take a trip to the shop for them. it doesn’t take long, and it will mean the world.

Travelling With Pelikin

We love travelling, and we love our squad who travel with us. It’s been a pretty tough time here for us, like it is for everyone at the  moment. But we know the world will bounce back, and when it does, we will be waiting for you and we’ll be as prepared as ever. If you haven’t checked out Pelikin yet, then find out about our awesome features here, including getting access to exclusive Squad Perks and maybe when you are back in the air again, we will be with you!

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