Pelikin rides the waves and re-emerges the powerful Post COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic completely paralysed the global travel industry, companies had to pivot to survive the industry and economic implications. For Pelikin, this meant a temporary shift from travel-related financial services and a switch to a new strategy.

The main product of travel and fintech companies is a global money app that syncs with prepaid cards, making it easy for users to trade multiple currencies at affordable prices. After its first launch in December 2019, its use has been restricted by pandemics and associated travel restrictions.

Effect of COVID-19 on Pelikin

To minimise the impact on the business, Pelikin focused its resources on building a product lineup, team integration, and building relationships with partners.

“Three months after it hit the market, we had to turn off our financial services products for the COVID-19. To keep our business going, we formed a new partnership in the TravelTech and FinTech industries, a new one in 2021. We helped relaunch the improved product, “said Sam Brown, CEO of Pelikin (pictured).

After spending 18 months developing products and establishing relationships, just stopping at the beginning of 2020 was a big blow. Pelikin had to freeze its 2020 marketing plan and divert resources to survive the storm. By doing this, they were lucky to have a lean team working together to keep working on their goals and not having to close the door forever.

“We always had the view that if we stick to our guns, work on our jobs, and stay optimistic, opportunities will emerge,” continued Sam.

And certainly, the travel industry’s student and youth space has become more open with the withdrawal of some of the competing brands from the market. This makes Pelikin the number one brand in the student and youth category.

Become stronger again in 2021

From day one, Pelikin’s innovative and growing team’s core strategy was to build a network of best-in-class partners to help brands grow locally and globally.

In the coming weeks, Pelikin will relaunch its TravelMoney products with the support of new key partners. They promise fresh and exciting products that add more value than their predecessors, including:

  • Numerous new partnerships in the Australian and New Zealand student markets. Expect thousands of new exclusive travel offers in the app.
  • A travel card affiliate program in collaboration with travel agencies and other important groups in the industry. Affiliates can offer their customers and members the best travel cards in the country, a challenge to the existing Mastercard Cash Passport program.
  • A Pelikin prepaid Visa card that is available on both Gpay and Apple Pay and can be used at over 40 million Visa merchants worldwide.
  • Other unique products such as student flights (discounts and flexible fares), national and international sporting events, hotel / hostel booking services and more.

Some competitors may have canceled Pelikin when the pandemic occurred, but responsiveness and flexibility allow them to float, build products, and focus on the core spirit of people and partnerships.

Now, when the time comes, Pelikin is back stronger than ever, ready to spawn.