The Best Travel Apps For Group Travel 

Planning the ultimate group travel trip? Whether you’re soaring overseas with your friends or travelling with the family to a domestic destination, group planning and organising isn’t easy. But thanks to technology and our sacred smartphones, here are the best travel apps for group travel to make sure to keep the planning and travelling as smooooth as possible. 

1. Pelikin Travel App

Of course we will mention our app first, because, well, it’s the best! Plus we created it with group travel in mind. The Pelikin travel app and prepaid visa travel card make moving travel money, spending travel money and managing your travel money super easy. Built-in features include ‘Group Tabs’ and ‘Split Bill’ function. The ‘Group Tabs’ feature means you can include all your family or friends that you are travelling with and keep track of who’s been spending what. The ‘Split Bill’ feature allows you to split the bill in whatever currency you want. If someone is taking their sweet time, then you can send out friendly reminders for that cash. These features are essential for group travelling to avoid arguments and those awkward IOU’s. 

Pelikin is available on both Apple and Android  and IT’S FREE!

2. Prava App

Another important aspect when undergoing a group travel trip is the pre panning! Make sure everyone gets their say in what they want to do and see wherever they go by dowinling an iinary manager app, like Prava

Prava includes in-app messaging, to-do lists, notepad, photo sharing and the option to share your location with other group members! Which is perfect for those group members who like to wander off, or even if everyone is arriving at a location from many different destinations. You can download Prave on Apple or Android.

3. Roadtrippers Travel App

Doing the ultimate family or friends road trip? If so then Roadtrippers is the best app for group travel. It allows you to share with your friends and plan the route that works best for everyone! It will tell you how long each leg of the travel will take, making it super easy to share duties. The app will give you awesome spots and sights to see along the way. Download this group travel app on either Apple or Android. 

4. Kayak Trip Huddle App

This group travel app, Kayak Trip Huddle, is a perfect app for pre-travel planning. It allows you and your friends/ family to make votes on which destination to visit and which dates to go on. This cuts out the awkwardness and arguments about who wants to go where. Kayak Trip Huddle also find you some awesome hotels and vacation spots to stay and see. You can download this travel app on both Apply or android.

Where are you travelling to?

Planning a group trip? Well, don’t forget to download Pelikin, because not only is it one of the best travel app for group travel but it can also save you those nasty transaction fees while overseas. Find out how Pelikin prepaid visa travel card and travel app can help you while on your travels. 

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