We’re living in travel nostalgia times, and like many avid travellers that we know, we have also been reminiscing about every moment we spent travelling. Sure, we dreamed over the incredible countries we’ve visited, spending everyday seeing new sites, funny people we met and also the epic failures we experienced! But unlike most travellers, here at Pelikin, we have even started to think of the weird stuff. At first it was ‘The Sh*t Bits We Miss About Travelling’, and now it’s the ‘Weird Things You Would Take With You Travelling.’ Or even ‘The Weird Things Other People Would Take With Them Travelling”.

We’re not talking about the trustee toothbrush, bum bag or travel diary that you never ended up writing in. We’re talking about the abnormal confusing travel hacks you’d come up with, home comforts you couldn’t live without or even the things you picked up along the way that you ended up lugging around the rest of your journey! 

So we asked our team, or friends and travel partners the weird thing they took travelling (or the weird things they saw other people travelling with), and we’re confused at the outcome…

“I was 26 when I first went travelling. I was so nervous, everyone was telling me that everyone steals things from your backpack in the hostels when you’re sleeping. So, as suggested by an auntie or something, I ended up buying a random teddy bear from the charity shop, cutting a slit in it, and stuffing it with my cash with the intention to sleep with it. Obviously after a few nights of sleep, a lot of weird looks, and making friends with everyone in my hostel room, I binned it.”

…Haha epic! Don’t worry, all first time travellers come up with crazy hacks! Agree?….

“In Thailand we met a girl from Germany, she had just come from travelling around Australia. She showed us this 2kg jar of Bondi Beach sand she’d been travelling around Asia with.” 

…Heavy stuff!…

“My brother is obsessed with Tomato Sauce to the point that he adds it to every meal. So when he went to Bali for 4 weeks he packed two of those massive Heinze bottles with him.”

…Let’s hope that didn’t burst in his backpack…

“Once I had such an awful experience of being the ”all-you-can-eat” mosquito buffet, that I knew I couldn’t risk that again. So on my travels around Asia I packed a full body mosquito net. I would demand a bottom bunk so I could hand it from the top bunk. Everyone I met thought I was bonkers.”

…Not a bad idea really! They were probably jealous…

“I never regretted taking my shewee to Vietnam.” 

…A shewee?…

What the weird things you took travelling? Or weird things you saw someone take travelling?

We want to know the weird and wondering things you took or saw when travelling. Send us a dm in our socials… Facebook, Instagram, Twitter!