Tips for saving travel money during Covid-19. The only thing equally as bad as having travel bans, is not being able to book your travel plans, and for some people, even save travel money for future adventures. 

We don’t know about you but during the COVID-19 crisis, we have been more eager than ever to get that dream destination travel trip planned! With all this time staring at the same 4 walls, checking out our travel throwbacks pics, and looking through hotter destinations as winter arrives, it really does have you appreciating our long lost freedom of being able to jump on a plane whenever to wherever you want.

But the travel dream is not dead and restrictions will soon be lifted. So instead of wallowing in self-pity, lets save those pennies for our next travel adventure.

Now we know that some folk may find it hard to save during this jobless few months / receiving little income. But there are a few ways to try and save some cash in this crisis. This is why we are here to help you out with the top tips for saving travel money during Covid-19. 

5 Top Tips To Save Travel Money 

1. Set Yourself A Target

Start off by setting yourself a target and learning how to budget. If you’re a big spender then work out how much you spend per day / week / month. Start looking through your direct debits and weekly shopping lists and see the little things that you can cut back on. Do you really need that monthly Stan and Netflix subscription? Cut one out. Yes, it may only work out to be costing you $1 a day, but why not instead set up a direct debit of $1 a day from your account into your savings account. Take that $5 a week you usually spend on TimTams each week and have that as a direct debit to your savings account. Put aside $200 of your monthly paycheck to go straight into your savings account. Before you know it, with all these little unnoticed sacrifices, you’ll savings account will be growing quietly and you’ll be hitting that set target you gave yourself.

Check out Pelikin Travel Fund! Make the direct debit into this account and not only do you get more savings tips along the way but you also get prizes when you hit your savings goals. Plus, doing it this way means that the money is already on your travel card for when you’re ready to take that trip!

2. Be tactical with your upcoming travel plans – go local

When planning your next destination why not look at more realistically affordable destinations. How long has it been since you took a road trip around Australia. Where haven’t you been in our Country and where have you had an interest in going to? Check out our blogs on 48 hours in Byron Bay, 48 Hours in Cairns, 48 Hours in Surfers Paradise and Australia Appreciation for some inspiration.

Or if you are eager to get out of the Country then why not head over to our cousins in New Zealand? Flights are a hella lot cheaper than trekking to Europe, Asia and the USA. Plus with this ‘Tas-Transman Bubble’ coming soon, there is no better opportunity. Read our blogs on Travelling Auckland and Travelling Queenstown. Travelling locally will be softer on your bank balance meaning the less travel money that needs saving.

3. Quit online shopping

We know you are all living in your loungewear, gym kits, doing the best beauty routines that all the influencers are on at the moment, but do you really NEED them? I’m sure you already have heaps of comfy and durable clothes. Before hitting the online shops, start thinking about what you could spend this money on instead. Gym leggings or a unique ride up the NZ gondola? Another pair of sneakers or a scooter racing around Bali for a week? New DJ set to keep you busy for a week in isolation or a flight to a holiday of a lifetime? Stopping yourself spending on these little online shopping purchases will play a big part in the long-run when you’re saving up all this awesome travel money!

4. Shop thrifty in the supermarket

Have you really completed COVID-19 isolation if you haven’t baked banana bread? Cooked all those extravagant meals that you’ve seen online? Try not to focus on short-term activities but focus on your long-term goals. Make yourself a simple salad, pasta, or curry dish that doesn’t take a chunk out of your future travel money. Shop supermarkets own brands and keep your costs down. After all, the ingredients for one big meal in Australia will cost you the equivalent of a week worth of unreal meals in Asia! 

5. Look for little online jobs that can earn you some cash – reach out to companies 

Why not start getting active online to find yourself that extra cash? Sure Seek, Indeed, Gumtree may not have an excessive amount of jobs available to choose from, but why not reach out to companies who may need your help in other ways? Social media promoting? Blog writing? Asking local supermarkets if they have a shift for you now and then? Put out posters around your apartment block about any extra jobs going? You could even start selling some of your unwanted clothes, your amazing artwork, or crafts online on Etsy, Depop or Ebay. Even an extra $10 here and there, now and then, will play an impact on saving some travel money during the Covid-19 crisis. 

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