What To Do In Kakadu

Lush rainforests, aboriginal rock art, a rare range of plants, animals and stunning scenery. Kakadu is Australia’s largest National Park and one of the best places to visit in the Northern Territory. If you’re looking to take a trip to this World Heritage Site, then read on, because we’re here to tell you exactly what you should do in Kakadu.

Tours To Kakadu

There are heaps of tours that you can book onto to get the most out of the amazing National Park. Whether you’re looking for 2 days to 5 days, in Pelikin Experiences you’ll be able to find a tour that suits you.

It is advised you take a tour to Kakadu because many of the roads to the best sight seeing spots require taking a 4×4 car which will allow you to do off road driving. Unless you own a 4×4 car, hiring one from Darwin city can be expensive and difficult to get hold of, as many rental companies don’t allow you to take the car to the National Park. A tour will make sure you get to see all the best spots, as well as having an all-including itinerary so there won’t be any additional fees. For more info on the tours you can take, have a look in Pelikin Experience.


Visiting Ubirr at sunset is a must. It is the home of rocks with historic aboriginal paintings. The 1 hour walk will guide you past the rock art and up to the stunning sunset viewing platform. If you take a tour the amazing tour guides will be able to tell you all about this history and facts behind the rock art, and then leave you be to enjoy the sunset. See the National Park from new heights on the viewing platform as you can see for miles and miles.

Jim Jim Falls

Jim Jim falls is a plunge waterfall on Jim Jim Creek. The stunning waterfalls leaves a crystal clear water lagoon which is lush for a refreshing swim. This safe lagoon is so clear that you can see the many fish swimming around from above. Surrounded by rocks, this lagoon feels like you’re swimming beneath a secret cave. It does take a little while to get to this lake and the walk is very rocky so strong footwear and plenty of drinking water is advised.

Yellow Water Billabong

Yellow water billabong, also known as Ngurrungurrudjba, lies in the heart of Kakadu. Its waters provide an exceptional habitat for numerous species of fish, including the famed Kakadu barramundis. Even though it is a very popular fishing spot, these waters still hold many crocodiles so always be wary. There are many boat tours that will take you mid-day or even at sunset. You’ll see so many different wildlife, including spectacular birds, crocodiles, plants and the buffalos that live beside it. It is a must-do for any nature lover who is intrigued to learn more about the animals that inhabit there.

Barramundi Gorge

Barramundi gorge, also known as Maguk Waterfalls is another stunning place to go for a swim. It is one of the only waterfalls that falls with no rain, meaning in dry season you can still admire it’s beauty. The plunge pool is much larger meaning you can enjoy a long swim, or even just sit on the rocks in the water and watch the fish swim past.

Cahills Crossing

Cahills crossing is also known as the worlds deadliest crossing. Although it only looks like a short path slightly submerged by the river that runs either side, there is some creepy creatures that make it extremely dangerous. On average, there’s a croc every two square kilometres in Kakadu, but there can be as many as seven crocs in one stretch of water at Cahills Crossing. If you have a 4 wheel driver and are feeling daring then you can drive through and watch the crocs move either side of you. Otherwise enjoy watching other cars take the risk as you sit at the viewing platform and count how many crocs you can see (we can bet you that you’ll be on double digits- eeek).

Gunlum Falls

Gunlum falls is another cascading waterfalls and stunning plunge pool. There is an incredible infinity pool that lies above, with picture perfect views across the whole of Kakadu. However due to the pool lying across a scared aboriginal walkway, it is temporally closed off from the public. But the waterfall itself and plunge pool at the bottom is still worth a visit. Sometimes fresh water crocs manage to sneak into the plunge, however, the rangers will decide if they are still safe for you to take a swim.

Travel With Pelikin

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